Digital Fountain

Visuality Systems

1. DF Streaming Engine Ұڷ(PDF)

2. DF Raptor R10 Encoder Ұڷ(PDF)

3. DF Raptor R10 Decoder Ұڷ(PDF)

Digital Fountain ־ Ʈũ ȯ濡 ǰ ֵ ٺ software component մϴ.

Forward error correction (FEC) о߿ ռ Digital Fountain Ư DF Raptor Ŷ սǰ Ʈũ ջ ߻ϴ Ƽ̵ Ʈ Ǵ Ÿ ϵ鿡 Ͽ ȿ մϴ.
           Digital Fountain Ȩ ̵մϴ.
(*) Digital Fountain Solutions
Digital Fountain DF Raptor Application̳ ǰ Ű ο ߰ ֵ ڿ ȿ ̿Ͽ ŷڼ ǰ ϸ оߴ Ʒ ϴ.

(-) Streaming Media
Glitch-free streaming video and streaming audio as used in a wide spectrum of applications including IPTV ,video-on-demand , video surveillance , in-home video distribution , and multimedia broadcast services

(-) Data Broadcast
The reliable broadcast or multicast of data files to multiple users to deliver entertainment ,software updates and upgrades , navigation data , or other information ,especially when the users cannot be coordinated and are not always actively receiving

(-) File Transfer
The point-to-point error-free delivery of data files with more efficient bandwidth utilization and faster download times than TCP/IP

(-) Military Communications
The distribution and relay of sensor telemetry , navigation , command and control ,and other mission-critical data using techniques from any and all of the above streaming media ,data broadcast , and file transfer application areas
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