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All-in-One Ʈũ м ַ

IOTA Ʈũ о ְ м Ͼ ʿ並 ϱ ߵ μ ĸ, , ׸ м ϳ սŲ ٸ ַԴϴ. ޴ ̱⿡ ʵ ġ ϸ ġ մϴ.

ġ Ͽ ū IT  ¾Ͽ ų ֽϴ. , ġ ҿ ̰ݵ м մϴ. IOTA in-line ȸ м μ ̽ ϱ Ʈũ Ž ֽϴ.

۰ ̽ پ IOTA ĸ м ַ ν Ͽ Ʈũ Ͼ ʼ Ŷ ڸ ߽ϴ.

Innovating the way to troubleshoot networks

𿡼 ǽð м IOTA Ʈũ Ͼ IT м鿡 Ǵ Ʈũ м ַԴϴ.

ż ġ, Ʈũ Ʈ ĸ ׸ ǽð м IOTA Ʈũ Ʈ ¸ Ȯν MTTR ȭ IT ũ ݴϴ.

IOTA ġ մϴ. IOTA Ʈũ Ʈ ٸ ̽ ϱ IOTA ġ Ʈũ Ҿ ʷϴ ϴ.

Fast drill-down with IOTA dashboards


IOTA Ž ߽ϴ. ϳ ž ۰ ޴ ַμ Ʈũ 𿡵 ż ġϿ ǽð Ž ֽϴ. ͼ Ư ġ ƴ϶ ε Ž Ͽ Ͼ ð̳ ũ ֽϴ.


ĸ 1 TB ɷν Ʈũ ʹ Ŷ ũ⿡ ˴ϴ. Ʈ پ ĸϱ ϵ Ͱ Ǿ ֽϴ.


IOTA ü Ʈ м Ʈ žǾ PCAP м پ ǰ Բ Ͽ ø̼ Ž, 뵵, ð , ۽ , TCP Ž Ȯ ֽϴ.

Secure Deployment

IOTA Ʈũ Ʈ м μ ٸ ̽ʹ иǾ ־ ܺ Ʈũκ ݿ Ͽ Ʈũ Ž м 100 ŷ ֽϴ.

ֿ Ư¡

  • 10M/100M/1G/10G monitoring
  • Dedicated probe and analysis capabilbities
  • Programmable autonomous capture functions
  • Remote access and management
  • Non-intrusive monitoring
  • In-Line and SPAN modes
  • 8ns hardware timestamp
  • Real time statistics
  • Low level erro and bandwidth monitoring
  • Invisible to the network
  • PoE powered through management port
  • PoE passthrough
  • 1 TB internal storage

  • Specifications

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