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´ Custom BSP (Board Support Package) Driver 4ϰ μ, custom忡 BSP device driver ϴ ٷ Ǹ 带 ؼ ǽ մϴ. BSP device driver ɿ ظ ʷ Ͽ ̰͵ ִ ɷ ǥ մϴ.
Debugging BSP with a Source Level Debugger
Adding a Custom Board Support
Developing a Device Driver and adding it to the BSP Library
Overview of Embedded OS for BSP Developers
Target Board Requirements
Board Support Packages: Rules and Requirements
The BSP Template
BSP configuration file
Initialization of Embedded OS plus BSP
Two types of device driver (Logical and Physical device driver)
Generic drivers
Network Interface Drivers
Extensive laboratory work on custom BSP Development
Real-Time Ʈ Ͼ, Ʈ ý , Ʈ Ŵ, ũ Ʈμ C α׷  ɼϰ ٷ ƴ .
Embedded OS Workshop ̼߰ų ִ
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