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´ 4 ̷ Embedded OS ǽðα׷ֿ ִ ǿ ǽ մϴ.
multitasking ýۿ ִ embedded Ʈ ߿ ʿ ⺻ ǥ մϴ.
, embedded OS Ŀ ɰ Բ TCP/IP Ʈŷ ̹̽ ؼ ҰǸ, source level Ÿ OS 뵵 ˴ϴ.
real-time architectures
review of basic RTOS functionality
partitioning software into tasks
intertask communication & synchronization
queue-length analysis
device driver techniques
encapsulation techniques
good programming practices
debugging techniques
interrupt service routines
socket programming
overview of BSP and device driver
Application software , project managers, .
C α׷  ɼϰ ٷ ƴ .
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