TeamF1, 서비스 제공업자의 게이트웨이에 원격 억세스 보안을 위한 모발 앱 제공.
TeamF1, 서비스 제공업자의 게이트웨이에 기능 향상된 소프트웨어, 원격 억세스 보안을 위한 모발 앱 제공.

네트워킹 소프트웨어 공급업체의 SecureF1st CPE gateway 솔루션은 홈 사용자에게 모발 앱을 제공하여
보다 도안이 강화된 홈 네트워크억세스를 제공합니다. 다른 향상된 기능으로 IP6 기능, 노리적인 WAN 지원,
VDSL과 LTE WAN 구성, 그리고 AJAX 베이스의 GUI가 있습니다.

FREMONT, Calif.- June 1, 2011 – TeamF1, Inc. (, the leader in embedded
networking and security software solutions for wired and wireless applications, today announced
availability of several new features in its SecureF1rst CPE Gateway Solution (CGS) for service provider
(SP) home gateways, as well as mobile apps that leverage the modularity of the device software to enable
easy-to-use secure remote connectivity for home users.
TeamF1’s enhancements in SecureF1rst CGS are built on the modular approach adopted for its platform.
The SecureF1rst platform is not only for third-party applications (such as native or OSGi applications on
the router), but also for device software extensions on the gateway to be easily developed for meeting key
feature requirements for a full spectrum of home gateways. The platform can easily accommodate new
revenue-generating opportunities for service providers through addition of geography-specific or ISPspecific
requirements, new value-added end-user subscription features, or by enabling different classes of
SP or third-party services for Over-The-Top (OTT) applications with logical WANs.
Several key new features being announced on SecureF1rst CGS demonstrate this flexibility including
support for VDSL and LTE carriers, multi-PPPoE support for the Japanese and Russian markets. Besides
these, a Parental Control subscription feature with cloud-based filtering database, WAN-side VLANs with
multi-instance DHCP client on each logical WAN, and mobile apps take advantage of security extensions
on the gateway to make available LAN and HAN data remotely in a secure manner.
“We have always been recognized for our strengths in bringing business-class security to SMB, SOHO and
home users. These new advancements in our service provider gateway software feature-set are a
testament to our willingness to extend this investment in bringing to market the next-generation of
managed residential gateways,” said Rohit Sukhija, Director of Marketing at TeamF1, Inc. “From
supporting the latest wired and wireless broadband technologies, to leading the pack in terms of deep,
certified IPv6 support in our gateways, TeamF1 is pushing the envelope in how triple and quad play
services can be delivered to modern homes flexibly and securely.”
“The mobile apps that we have developed are only one example that shows how advanced connectivity
and security can be made available to a wider audience when the proper frameworks in place on the
device side for such flexibility,” added Prasanna Kondapaneni, Vice President of Application Development
at TeamF1, Inc. “Wi
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